The FM Teacher – An Introduction

Hello and welcome the website for The FM Teacher. On this website, I will share posts about my own coaching as well as posts about two football games that I frequently play: Football Manager and FIFA.


As you probably have guessed my actual name is not the FM Teacher, my real name is Ryan. I  am a qualified PE teacher with coaching experience in various sports. Currently, I am a working as a Sports Coach for Coventry Sports Foundation. In this job, I visit various Primary Schools around the city and lead sessions coaching various activities. Alongside my job, I am managing a local U15s football team that currently play in the Coventry Minor League. Previous to that I have managed a U12s football team and coached a disability football team. Continue reading

The FM Teacher – A Managerial Journey To United – New Nation, New Club, New Ambition


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Football Manager Kits 17/18

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post, I am proud to share the works of numerous members of the FM Community. Having your club’s kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.


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Opposites Attack – Official Unvealing


The Opposites Attack project was announced on Twitter by myself last night.

In the announcement, I stated that there would be more new in the next few days. Well, today is the day of the official unveiling of Opposites Attack. In this post, I shall introduce the people behind Opposites Attack and give a brief overview of the plan that Opposite Attack has for the time being.

What is Opposites Attack?

Opposites Attack is a collaboration between myself and Twitch streamer, Deacon Entertainment. We will both be hosting a podcast which will be streamed live on YouTube and then be shared on iTunes and Opposites Attack’s various Social Media channels. Click on the images below to be redirected the relevant pages.







Why is the name ‘Opposites Attack’?

The name of the podcast derived from the chat between Deacon and myself in the preliminary planning stage. If you know both of us, you will know that (on a positive note) that Deacon and I are very different people. Deacon is your natural London Geezer and me, well, as Deacon described me “you’re one who I imagine would be good on Excel, you wear glasses and look like the common nerd of this generation”. However, even though we are very much the opposite of each, we share do have one major thing in common – A passion for the beautiful game, football. We both love to share our opinions on the numerous discussion points that football creates. This goes to show how football can bring people together.

Who are we?

You can see all about me in my introductory post on this website – READ HERE

Deacon Entertainment

Hey! Listen, I ain’t no writer, no coder, or any good with tech for that matter. But I do know one thing… and that’s Football. I have lived and breathed this passion since a child. Since being in the car park of Highbury kicking around a ball while my Father trained in the underground astroturf pitches. Like the classic Fever Pitches, I live my life in season’s not years. Football Manager quickly became a huge part of my life, losing Girlfriends in the past because of it. FIFA was also there, but it was FM that took the main stage throughout all the years. I have created and hosted a Podcast before, but only looking at my beloved Arsenal. Always wanted to make a Podcast about all Football in general and here we are, teaming with the Fantastic FM Teacher, Opposites Attack was born!

Where will Opposites Attack be posted?

The podcast will be hosted live on YouTube and Twitch enabling viewers to watch the podcast live. For those that are unable to listen/watch the podcast live, don’t dear! We will be leaving the videos on YouTube and Twitch. For those that want to listen to the podcast on the go, we will be posting the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

How will we be involving you, the listeners/viewers?

During the live shows on YouTube and Twitch, viewers will have the chance to give their opinions on the topics that we will be talking about. We will give you chance to give us topics to talk about. For viewers that are unable to listen live, they can hit us up on our various social media channels to discuss the podcast, ask us questions. We have plans to get various guests on the podcast. We also welcome any feedback, be it positive or negative. Our listeners/viewers are very important to us, we want you to be entertained and join in the discussion. So if you have any ideas for the podcast, we’re both very approachable, let us know what your ideas are.

What else will we be doing?

Whilst the main thing will be the podcast. We will be doing other things as part of our collaboration. Deacon has requested that he do a blog about his beloved Arsenal. I will be carrying on with my Football Manager save and aiming to write more real-life football blogs. There will be plenty more to come with this collaboration, we’re very excited to be working together and even more excited to share the content with you.