The FM Teacher – An Introduction

Hello and welcome the website for The FM Teacher. On this website, I will share posts about my own coaching as well as posts about two football games that I frequently play: Football Manager and FIFA.


As you probably have guessed my actual name is not the FM Teacher, my real name is Ryan. I  am a qualified PE teacher with coaching experience in various sports. Currently, I am a working as a Sports Coach for Coventry Sports Foundation. In this job, I visit various Primary Schools around the city and lead sessions coaching various activities.



Previously, I have managed a local U15s football team that currently play in the Coventry Minor League. Before that, I used to manage an U12s football team as well as coached a disability football team in Worcester during my undergraduate degree.

I am very passionate about coaching and Physical Education which is shown by my own philosophy “P.E. is the embodiment of holistic education. Education of a whole person, in mind, body and spirit.”. Whilst this philosophy is was developed during my teacher training course, I also share the philosophy when I am coaching any activity. It is my firm belief that sessions should be holistic in nature and educate the participants, not on the skills required for the activity but educate them how my coach can be used outside of the activity in their normal lives.