How To: Changing From GPU Rendering To Software

Depending what device you are using and the graphical software you have on that device, you may need to change from Software renderding to GPU or the other way round. For those of you that do not understand the above, please follow this short guide on how to do so

Changing from CPU to Software Rendering

In order to change your game rendering you need to enter in-game preferences

– Enter your in-game preferences by click on the FM logo, top right of the screen
– Click the ‘Interface’ tab
– Within the ‘General’ panel change the ‘Rendering Mode’ from ‘GPU Assisted’ to ‘Software’, or from “Software” to “GPU Assisted”:

– Click the ‘Confirm’ button

If you cannot access your preferences you can change this when first launching the game by pressing and briefly holding: ALT + SHIFT + F10 all at the same time.

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