Football Manager 2018 – New Additions and Features Wishlist

Football Manager 2018 has today been announced by Sports Interactive and will be released November 2017.

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The Football Manager community, from what I have seen weren’t too impressed with the general release of Football Manager. The general consensus was that Football Managers have followed a pattern where one year the game won’t see many additional features but the next game sees a lot more additional features.

Sports Interactive have announced that they will be releasing the game’s new features at the end of Septemeber. To fill the time, I want to hear from you.

Below I will add a list of things that you, the FM Community want adding to Football Manager 2018.

Stewart McIntyre – “A proper stadium editor. Licencing prevents the real stadiums being used. but it also prevents other things being used which are then altered/modded, but as yet, there’s never been a tool for the people clever at these things to remodel the stadiums and at least have them resemble real life, because the one’s in the game ruin part of the immersion whilst watching in 3D.”

Aodhan Fogarty – “Be able to start as a u18s/u21 club manager and work your way up”

Damien Quirk “Interaction with players you want to approach as coaches in the same way you can speak to your own squad about coaching”
“Choose your own Brexit terms”

Vinnie O Mahony “A use for your own wage, it’s currently pointless….”

David Clarke “More in depth interaction with the players and more interesting personalities. Like you find a gem of a player with a personality like Gazza/best and need top man management skills to get the best outta them. And let me change the jersey colour!!!”

Colin Loveridge – “I’ve always liked the idea of an option to be able to actually buy a club or be part of a consortium and become chairman/manager using the manager wages. Sick and tired of constantly being rejected by the board for ideas I know will help increase revenue. Being able to opt for things like stadium naming rights or just basic sponsorships. Being able to choose a stadium improvement design as the current graphics are crap.”

Mari Blanken – “Being able to do something with your earned wages. There’s no reason to negotiate a contract as a manager (wages), but if you were able to have a ‘private life’, like in some other games, where you can buy houses, cars etc.”


2 thoughts on “Football Manager 2018 – New Additions and Features Wishlist

  1. Carl August 15, 2017 / 6:07 pm

    Would like to see variety of interview questions instead of same ones.. Especially at start of game when meeting chairman and press etc

    More variety and choices in tactics around pressing high up field

    Better and more accurate stadium

    Players to have a different reaction when playing against former clubs


  2. Frank baetens August 16, 2017 / 7:03 am

    If it is positie that you can play with the Japanse and german national teams and mayby ik the future make a maningment game of the women league


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