Five English Teams to Be on Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 does not come out until November. However, the Football Manager community are already preparing for the release by choosing which team to be. In this post, I give five suggestions for a save with an English team.

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    1. Blackburn Rovers 

      Anyone who follows English football knows how Blackburn Rovers have suffered under owners Venky’s. The Indian poultry firm took over in 2010, posted a near £20 million financial loss in their first full year of ownership, then presided over the club’s Premier League relegation in 2012.

      Several years in the Championship’s abyss followed, and Rovers reached a new low in May when they were relegated to the third tier for the first time since 1980.

      Expect to spend the bulk of your time battling against boardroom constraints, with a full takeover probably required before the club sees significant success again.

      As the first English Premier League-winning club to be relegated to League One, restoring Rovers to their former glory would be a huge accomplishment. The club comes with significant potential, but if their in-game form is as hamstrung by incompetent ownership as they are in the real world, you’ll likely be bashing your head against the wall before success becomes a realistic prospect.


    2. Sunderland

      Finallydownload (1) relegated from the Premier League after years teetering on the brink, Sunderland are in a miserable state at the moment. Having lost Jordan Pickford, and Jermain Defoe some star quality might be required.

      Their tiny squad needs a host of new faces, but you may be restricting to trawling the free agent market for bargains.

      A season of consolidation may be in order, and while Sunderland’s prospects should improve in the event of a takeover, their first in-game season has the potential to be absolutely brutal.

    3. Billericay Town

      Billericay_Town_F.C._LogoFor those Football Manager fans that love a long-term challenge, Billericay Town will prove to be very popular on the 2018 version. Backed by multi-millionaire owner Glenn Tamplin, the Essex club have famously signed the likes of Jamie O’Hara and Paul Konchesky, while Jermaine Pennant has also turned out for the Isthmian League Premier Division club during pre-season.

      Starting in the seventh tier of English football, an immediate promotion would see Billericay Town move into the National League South. From there is a direct route into the National League, and the chance to enjoy an FA Cup journey in the mould of Lincoln City’s last term could well be on the horizon.

    4. Coventry City

      Coventry Citydownload is a club that have had a bad few years. Those words go with their first trophy win since their FA Cup success in 1987. Last season, Coventry won the Checkertrade Trophy. But, even with that success, Coventry got relegated to League 2 following a few seasons of turmoil. Their owners are in and out of court, the club doesn’t own their ground and have to ground share with the now local Rugby team the Wasps. A Coventry save is a big rebuilding process and could take a lot of patience and reliance on their youth academy or various free agents.

    5. Yeovil TownYeovil_Town_FC_logo.svg.png
      Fancy a real challenge lower down the English pyramid?

Well, Yeovil Town – of League Two, the fourth tier – just lost their first game of the season 8-2 against Luton Town.

Yeovil Town will have little to no money to spend despite their wafer-thin squad, meaning you will have to get creative if you want to keep them out of the relegation zone.

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