Football Manager 2018 – 18.0.3 Hotfix

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A new update for the beta version of Football Manager 2018 has been released by Sports Interactive. As with the original Early Access Beta, this update contains no Pre-Game or In-Game Editor, the generated player & staff portraits are still disabled and no there’s Steam Workshop. These will all be made available on the full release of the game on November 10th.

If you spot any other issues, please report them to the Football Manager 2018 Beta Bug Forum by clicking on the Sports Interactive logo below.

Sports Interactive Community

List of changes

Stability and Tech
– Further stability fixes
– Improvements to slow down and lag found in game
– In-match sounds now play across entire match and in commentary only mode
– Removal of incorrect Hz setting within display preferences

Graphics and UI
– Fixes to Retina Mac
– Fix to white screen appearing on launch
– Processing panel now appears with correct information
– Fixtures on the processing panel no longer overlapping other text
– Pitch image used in news and inbox items now appearing correctly
– Social feed and inbox items appearing correctly when scrolling
– Added condition & match sharpness numerical values to match tactics screen

– Improved Set Piece default settings, AI and Positioning
– Ball Visibility / Change Ball Option now available
– Director Camera Tweaks
– Improvements to match display in low settings
– Fixed players figures appearing all in black incorrectly
– Fixed score divergence in hotseat matches
– Tweaked Additional Time Level
– Goalkeepers not wearing outfield kits
– Show/disable condition option now working in matches
– Red chequered flags no longer appearing

– Scouting reports no longer showing minus days
– Cancel scouting assignment working correctly when used on scouted player

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