3D Match Engine Kits

This website dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, I bring you the 3D kits that you can use on FM’s 3D match engine. Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite team playing in their person kits, or see some of the amazing kits that teams from all over the world wear during games?



Below is a list of 3D Kits that are available for download:

Team Kits:

International Kits:


1. Make sure FM is closed.

2 Download 3D using links provided

3. Extract the downloaded to:

Documents>> Sport Interactive >> Football Manager 20** >> graphics >>kits >> 3D Kits (If there is no graphics folder there, create “graphics”

2. Open FM and load your most recent save

3. Select ‘FM’ then ‘Preferences’, in the drop down menu click ‘Interface’ and ‘Clear Cache’

(you may also have to clear cache externally: Use FM Central’s Cache Folder Guide)

4, Make sure you have ‘Reload skin when confirming changes’ ticked and then click ‘Reload Skin’

Credit for the downloads available on this post go to: Chris, Didimos, Diakalis, Orthodox and Hammer9, FM View and Sortitoutsi

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