Football Manager Trophies Megapack

Football Manager Trophies Megapack

Football Manager 2018 offers the ability to add the real trophies for all nations. An amazing new feature, but a feature that is pointless without someone who can find and cut the trophies to be used in the game. I am proud to offer you the Football Manager Trophies Megapack created by the Football Manager graphical wizard himself, DazS8. Now owned by


Being able to see the trophy you could win, or have won should hopefully give you the players Football Manager more pride or motivation to succeed at the game. Below we show you some examples of the Football Manager 2018 Trophies Megapack:

Starting from this year, I am responsible for the trophies megapack. Initially DazS8’s project, he handed it down to me when he had to leave the community for personal matters. Since ManagerOnline has evolved a lot, few changes have been made. A monthly update will be offered on this megapack. If you run into any mistake, or if you would like to suggest an improvement on an existing image, let me know by commenting. I am listening to the community in order to make this pack yours.





1. Download the pack and extract the file using either 7-Zip or The Unarchiver).

2. Place the “trophies” folder here:  Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\pictures [Create the folders “graphics” and “pictures” if they don’t exist.]

3. Start FM18 and enjoy seeing the numerous trophies available from this fantastic download.

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