The FM Teacher – A Managerial Journey to United – No Time Like The Present


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Introduction – Coventry City – Coventry City Part 2

So, in the last post, I was sacked by Coventry. Rightfully so, the bad run of form and being unable to meet the board’s requirements. But, nevertheless, the save goes on. After being sacked, instead of burying my head in the sand, throwing my toys out the pram and ranting at the world, I got to work. Well, I say, I got to work, I set my manager to go on holiday and applied for any job. Who knows, maybe a big team could see something from the first few months.

Big ambitions, it’s fair to say that the big teams laughed me off and probably virtually threw my application in the bin as soon as they looked at it. I did, however, get interviews with a few Welsh Premier League teams, numerous Division 2 Swedish teams and a few teams from the Vanarama National League North and South.

After attending numerous interviews, I finally got a few clubs offering me jobs. Some I delayed checking that I was making the right choice. After deliberating with myself I finally settled on a choice…


New Job It took a few months and a decision to drop down to the lowest league available on my Football Manager database. But, I believe it to be a good choice.
Wealdstone FC, currently sitting 15th in the Vanrama National League South. The club, like myself as Coventry sacked their former manager, Bobby Wilkinson after a poor run of form saw them in a weaker position in the league table than they imagined. I decided to take this job as I see it a chance to rebuild my career as a manager, but also rebuild the club, build team confidence and push on for better results until the end of the season then hope for better next season.



The club’s history is one of slow growth. For a semi-professional club, there are things that the club should be proud of. It was this growing history that showed me that there is something to fight for at this club so I accepted their offer.
Like I did at the start my short term at Coventry, I looked at the club’s staff. This was the first thing that I wanted to address, the staff, even for this level of football, apart from the GK coach, were poor.


I got rid of the staff and started looking at my own. What really concerned me on the staff comparison screen was poor quality recruitment and medical team. This, I wanted to rectify as soon as possible. I checked what staff I was able to employ and found that the club had not elected to have a data analyst or sports scientist. I asked the board to change this. They agreed with the matter of employing a sports scientist would help but, they refused to employ a data analyst. Suppose, being new I should be happy with at least one of my early requests being accepted.

Staff Improved

After the first few weeks, I improve all the staff at the club. As you’ll be able to some of the coaching areas are the best in the league. But, I won’t boast about that too much as I did that at Coventry and look at how they turned out.

The Players


Team dynamics is something that I paid close attention during my short time with Coventry. Nothing really change much so the only thing that I could think of for the downfall was my lack of tactical tinkering. The Wealdstone FC dynamics is something different to Coventry. The club has no standout leader but has GK Jonathan North as the club’s highly influential player with a few influential player and the rest classified as other players.

Social Group

The club’s social dynamics are a mixed bunch. There is a big core social group with two grouped social groups and four players classified as others. Being a semi-professional club, I can only image social dynamics are affected by the matter of being a semi-professional footballer. Some a free to leave the club when they desire, some are on amateur contacts and not being paid. However, having a big core social group helps when building a team and the two other group should fit in well with the core social group over a period of time.

This would usually be the section for me to start looking at how I plan to play, what tactic to use and what player would be selected. However, with it being early and my tactics at Coventry not working out too well. I need some time to think about a tactical approach.

In the next post…

What tactical approach will I choose? How will the first few fixtures go? Find out this and more in the next part of A Managerial Journey to United

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