FM18 Megapack AFRICA All League (Updates) 2017\2018


Fancy adding more leagues to Football Manager 2018? Now you can with this megapack by Qwert2.

Algerian League 2017\2018
Algerian League 1 Mobilis
Algerian League 2 Mobilis
Algerian League 1 Mobilis Reserves
Algerian League 2 Mobilis Reserves
Algerian League 1 Mobilis U18
Algerian League 2 Mobilis U18
Algerian Cup 1 Mobilis U18
Algerian Cup 2 Mobilis U18
championnat algérien feminin
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – East
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – West
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – center
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Centre Est
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Est
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Ouest
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Centre Ouest
algerian ClubsTour

Angola Championship 2017\2018
Angola Championship
Angola Cup
Angola Super Cup
Angola Resevers Championship
Angola U18 Championship
Angola Resevers Cup
Angola U18 Cup

Benin Division 2017\2018
Benin Division 1
Benin Division 2
Benin Cup

Botswana League 1
Botswana League 2
Botswana Cup
Botswana U23 League
Botswana U18 League
Botswana U23 Cup
Botswana U18 Cup

Burkina Faso:
Burkina Faso League 1
Burkina Faso League 2
Burkina Faso Cup
Burkina Faso U23 League
Burkina Faso U18 League
Burkina Faso U23 Cup
Burkina Faso U18 Cup

Burundi League 1
Burundi League 2
Burundi Cup
Burundi U23 League
Burundi U18 League
Burundi U23 Cup
Burundi U18 Cup

Cameroon League 2017\2018
Cameroon League D1
Cameroon League D2
Cameroon League D3
Cameroon Cup
Cameroon Reserves League
Cameroon U18 League
Cameroon Reserves Cup
Cameroon U18 Cup

Cape Verde:
Cape Verde League 1
Cape Verde League 2
Cape Verde Cup
Cape Verde U23 League 1
Cape Verde U18 League 1
Cape Verde U23 Cup
Cape Verde U18 Cup

Central African Republic:
Central African Rep. League 1
Central African Rep. League 2
Central African Rep. League Cup
Central African Rep. League U23
Central African Rep. League U18
Central African Rep. U23 Cup
Central African Rep. U18 Cup

Chad League
Chad Cup
Chad U23 League
Chad U18 League
Chad U23 Cup
Chad U18Cup

Comoros Division 2017\2018
Comoros Division 1
Comoros Division 2
Comoros Division 3
Comoros Cup
Comoros U23 Division
Comoros U18 Division
Comoros U23 Cup
Comoros U18 Cup

Congolese First Division
Congolese Cup
Congolese U23 Division
Congolese U18 Division
Congolese U23 Cup
Congolese U18 Cup

Cote d’Ivoire: Soon

Djibouti Division 2017\2018
Djibouti Division 1
Djibouti Division 2
Djibouti Division 3
Djibouti Cup
Djibouti U23 Division
Djibouti U18 Division
Djibouti U23 Cup
Djibouti U18 Cup

DR Congo:
DR Congo League 1
DR Congo League 2
DR Congo League 3
DR Congo Cup
DR Congo U23 League
DR Congo U18 League
DR Congo U23 Cup
DR Congo U18 Cup

Egyptian Premier League 2017/2018
Egyptian Telecom
Second Egyptian League 2017-2018
Egypt Cup
Egyptian U23 League
Egyptian U18 League
Egyptian U23 Cup
Egyptian U18 Cup

Equatorial Guinea:
Eq. Guinea League 1
Eq. Guinea League 2
Eq. Guinea Cup
Eq. Guinea U23 League
Eq. Guinea U18 League
Eq. Guinea U23 Cup
Eq. Guinea U18 Cup

Eritrea: Soon

Ethiopia: Soon

Gabon League 1
Gabon League 2
Gabon Cup
Gabon U23 League
Gabon U18 League
Gabon U23 Cup
Gabon U18 Cup

Gambia: Soon

Ghana: Soon

Guinea: Soon

Guinea-Bissau: Soon

Kenya: Soon

Lesotho: Soon

Liberia: Soon

Libya Premier League 2017\2018
الدوري الليبي 2018
Libyan Premier League
Libyan First League
Libyan U23 League
Libyan U18League
Libyan Super Cup
Libyan FA Cup
Libyan U23 Cup
Libyan U18 Cup

Madagascar: Soon

Malawi: Soon

Mali: Soon

Mauritania Division 2017\2018
Mauritania Cup
Mauritanian League 1
Mauritanian League 2
Mauritania U23 Cup
Mauritanian U23 League
Mauritania U18 Cup
Mauritanian U23 League

Mauritius: Soon

Morocco Groupement National de Football 2017\2018
Moroccan Pro League
Moroccan League Two
Moroccan Cup
Morrocan Amateur League
Morrocan Amateur Second League
Moroccan U23 Cup
Morrocan Clubs Tour
Morocco Ligue Nationale Amateur
Moroccan U18 Cup
Moroccan U23 League
Moroccan U18 League

Mozambique: Soon

Namibia: Soon

Niger: Soon

Nigeria: Soon

Rwanda: Soon

Senegal: Soon

Sierra Leone: Soon

Somalia: Soon

South Africa: Soon

South Sudan: Soon

Sudanese Premier League 2017\2018
Sudanese Premier League
Sudan Cup
Sudanese U23 Division
Sudanese U18 Division
Sudanese U23 Cup
Sudanese U18 Cup

Swaziland: Soon

Tanzania: Soon

Togo: Soon

Tunisian League 2017\2018
Tunisian First League
Tunisian League II
Tunisia League III
Tunisia League IIII
Tunisia Cup
Tunisian U23 League
Tunisian U18 League
Tunisia U23 Cup
Tunisia U18 Cup

Uganda: Soon

Zambia: Soon

Zimbabwe: Soon



  1. Download the megapack by clicking on the download option above
  2. Unzip the downloaded file using unzipping software like WinRAR.
  3. Move the files to: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editor data
  4. Start FM18
  5. Select the leagues you want to use and enjoy!

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