FM18 Megapack ARAB All League (Updates) 2018


Fancy adding more leagues to Football Manager 2018, now you can with this Megapack by Qwert2.

Algerian League 1 Mobilis
Algerian League 2 Mobilis
Algerian League 1 Mobilis Reserves
Algerian League 2 Mobilis Reserves
Algerian League 1 Mobilis U18
Algerian League 2 Mobilis U18
Algerian Cup 1 Mobilis U18
Algerian Cup 2 Mobilis U18
championnat algérien feminin
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – East
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – West
Algerian League – Section II Amateur – center
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Centre Est
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Est
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Ouest
Ligue Inter-Regions De Football – Groupe Centre Ouest
algerian ClubsTour

Bahraini Super Cup
Bahraini NBB League
Bahrain 2nd Division League
Bahrain U-19 League
Bahrain U-17 League
King of Bahrain Cup 2018
Bahrain U-19 Cup
Bahrain U-17 Cup
Bahrain FA Cup

Comoros Division 1
Comoros Division 2
Comoros Division 3
Comoros Cup
Comoros U23 Division
Comoros U18 Division
Comoros U23 Cup
Comoros U18 Cup

Djibouti Division 1
Djibouti Division 2
Djibouti Division 3
Djibouti Cup
Djibouti U23 Division
Djibouti U18 Division
Djibouti U23 Cup
Djibouti U18 Cup

Egyptian Telecom
Second Egyptian League
Egypt Cup
Egyptian U23 League
Egyptian U18 League
Egyptian U23 Cup
Egyptian U18 Cup

Iraqi Premier League
Iraqi Cup
Iraqi U23 League
Iraqi U18 League
Iraqi U23 Cup
Iraqi U18 Cup

Al-Manaseer Jordan Professional League
Jordanian Arab Bank for youth U18 League
Jordan Cup – Al Manaseer
Al Manaseer Shield Cup
Jordan Super Cup
Al-Manaseer Jordan U23 League
Al-Manaseer Jordan U18 Cup
Al-Manaseer Jordan U23 Cup

VIVA Kuwait League
Kuwaiti League Div. 1
Kuwaiti Youth League
Kuwaiti U-17 League
Kuwait Emir Cup
Kuwaiti Crown Prince Cup
Kuwaiti Federation Cup
Kuwait Super Cup

Lebanese League
Lebanese League Second Division
Lebanese League Third Division
Lebanese Cup
lebanese league- u23
lebanese league- u18
lebanese Cup- u23
lebanese Cup- u18
lebanese Super Cup

Libyan Premier League
Libyan First League
Libyan U23 League
Libyan U18League
Libyan Super Cup
Libyan FA Cup
Libyan U23 Cup
Libyan U18 Cup

Mauritanian League 1
Mauritanian League 2
Mauritania Cup
Mauritanian U23 League
Mauritanian U23 Cup
Mauritanian U18 League
Mauritnia U18 Cup

Moroccan Pro League
Moroccan League Two
Moroccan Cup
Morrocan Amateur League
Morrocan Amateur Second League
Moroccan Cup
Morrocan Clubs Tour
Morocco Ligue Nationale Amateur

Oman Professional League
Oman Sultan Cup
Omani Super Cup
Omantel League – Oman
Oman U23 Championship
Oman U18 Championship
Omani U23 Cup
Omani U18 Cup

Palestinian 1 :
Palestinian West Bank Premier League 2017\2018
Professional Football League – Palestine
Premier League – Proficiency Partial Palestine
Palestine League 2nd Division – West Bank
Palestine FA Cup
Palestine Cup
Palestine Super Cup
Professional U23 Leagu
Professional U18 Leagu
Professional U23 Cup
Professional U18 Cup

Palestine 2 :
Palestine Gaza Strip League
Palestine 1st Devision League For Gaza Strip Clubs
Palestine League 2nd Division – Gaza Strip
Palestine FA Cup
Palestine Cup
Palestine Super Cup
Professional U23 Leagu
Professional U18 Leagu
Professional U23 Cup
Professional U18 Cup

Qatar Stars League
Sheikh Jasim Cup
Qatar Stars Cup

Saudi Arabia:
Saudi Professional League
Prince Faisal bin Fahd League
Saudi League 2nd Division
Saudi Crown Prince Cup PRO
Saudi Federation Youth Cup
Saudi Federation Cup U-17
Saudi Federation Youth League
Saudi Federation League U-17

Somalia: Coming Soon

Sudanese Premier League
Sudan Cup
Sudanese U23 Division
Sudanese U18 Division
Sudanese U23 Cup
Sudanese U18 Cup

Syrian Premier League
Syria Cup
Syrian League
Syria Super Cup
Syrian U23 League
Syria U23 Cup
Syrian U18 League
Syria U18 Cup

Tunisian First League
Tunisian League II
Tunisia League III
Tunisia League IIII
Tunisia Cup
Tunisian U23 League
Tunisian U18 League
Tunisia U23 Cup
Tunisia U18 Cup

United Arab Emirates:
UAE Arabian Gulf League
UAE League Division 1
UAE Presidents Cup
UAE Arabian Gulf Cup
UAE Arabian Gulf League Cup
UAE Super cup
UAE U23 League
UAE U18 League
UAE U23 Cup
UAE U18 Cup

Yemeni First Division
Yemeni Second Division
Yemeni Therd Division
Yemeni Lower Division
Yemeni Second Division
Yemeni President Cup
Yemeni Super Cup
Yemeni U23 Cup
Yemeni U18 Cup
Yemeni U23 Division
Yemeni U18 Division

Gulf Cup:
Gulf Club Cup
Gulf Of Nation Cup: Soon

Arab Cup:
Arab Club Championship 2018
Arab Of Nation Cup: Coming Soon



  1. Download the megapack by clicking the download option above
  2. Unzip the downloaded file using unzipping software like WinRAR.
  3. Move the unzipped files to: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editordata
  4. Start FM18
  5. Start a new game, select the league you want to start with and enjoy

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