FM18 Scotland – The Complete Pyramid (inc. Juniors)

The release of FM18 has seen the FM Community rise up and create more content. This database by Morrissey allows you to compete in the lowest league of Scotland with The Complete Scottish Pyramid.

Image result for SCOTTISH FOOTBALL

For the last few seasons, Scotland has operated an expanded pyramid system, opening the trapdoor in League 2 and allowing clubs outside the traditional leagues a direct route to the SPFL for the first time

This database makes the Highland, Lowland, East of Scotland, South of Scotland and Junior leagues fully playable. Additionally, every non-league cup is in place, and the SPFL cups updated correctly (Scottish and Irn-Bru cups).


1. Download The Complete Scottish Pyramid by clicking the download option above.

2. Add the file to the following folder: Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > editor data.

3. Open FM18

4. Start a new career and ensure that the file in this post is selected.
Note: It is recommended that “Add players to playable teams” is ticked on the game setup screen to gain maximum enjoyment from this database extension. An accompanying logo pack (all leagues) is also available.
5. Enjoy managing in the lower leagues of Scotland on FM18


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