The FM Teacher – A Managerial Journey to United – Woah we’re half way there


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Coventry City – Coventry City Part 2

Wealdstone FC

Wealdstone Part 1 – Wealdstone Part 2 – Wealdstone Part 3


It’s time for another update and there is a lot to come. We’re halfway through the season and things at Wealdstone have been very successful. There have been a few changes tactically but for a good reason.

Coming up to the halfway point of the season and the only game that my team have lost is the FA Cup Second Round Replay against Rochdale. Getting to the FA Cup 2nd Round is an achievement in itself for a team like Wealdstone. In the league, we are undefeated and have looked solid, a massive difference compared to last season. The first game of the season against Eastbourne Borough was an eye opener for the chosen tactic after pre-season, the three at the back. I want to play in a similar way to last season but, with more conviction.


The first game of the season against Eastbourne Borough was an eye opener for the chosen tactic after pre-season, the three at the back. I want to play in a similar way to last season but, with more conviction. It took me a few games to decide that the three at the back, whilst it was working. It was leaving the team sort. The wingers were set to cover the defence and let’s be honest, players at this level do not have the fitness to do so.

I eventually decided to change to two different versions of an asymmetrical 4-2-4 and an asymmetrical 4-4-2.


The idea behind the 4-2-4 is that it in most situations covers the important areas of the pitch depending on the position of the ball. The most important player from an attacking point of the view is the Deep Lying Forward (DLF). The DLF teams up well with the Shadow Striker (SS). The DLF is able to drop deep into the hole behind and allow the SS to play at the striker. With the DLF playing on attacking duty the formation shapes up as a 4-2-4. For that tactic, I switch between an attacking or counter mentality depending on the opposition. The second most important player that keeps this tactic more attacking than the other is the Carrilero. The play in that position suttles laterally across the pitch keeping the focus on the attack. The Carrilero is supported by the Deep Lying Playmaker who helps with the attacking play when the ball gets more towards the Wealdstone defence.

When playing against opposition that has more of an attacking threat, or when I want to be a bit more conservative in terms of playing style, the 4-4-2 is used. Now, I know what most of your eyes will be drawn to in the 4-4-2. The Inverted Winger (IW), the player selected to play in that role is not good enough to play in that position. First, I have been training players to play in specific position. But, with the team being a semi-professional team, the development of players and training positions take much longer due to the players not training every day. The 4-4-2 like the 4-2-4 is played narrow drawing the opposition towards the ball leaving space for my players to exploit.

Now, we’re only halfway through the season and more is to come. The second half of the season is going to be the final push. Can we remain undefeated?

Next time…

Can we remain undefeated Can I improve my managerial attributes?

International Management

A few months before I was halfway there with Wealdstone, I applied for a great opportunity by applying for a managerial role with an international team. That team was the Colombian U20s team who had the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20 and the FIFA Under-20 World Cup coming up in 2019.

Columbia U20s

A day after I submitted my application, the Colombian FA approached me for the role and I happily accepted.

I joined the Colombian setup on the 14th October and straight away I set up numerous friendlies which allowed me to assess the squad ready for the upcoming Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20.

In the next update…

What tactic will I used with Colombia U20s, how did the team get on in the friendlies before the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20 and finally, find out the team got on in the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20.

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