TheFMEditor FM 2018 Update

Football Manager, a game which releases an update once in January but do not fear, creators like The FM Editor come to the rescue with their database edits, editing the database for you and making the game as up to date as possible.


Changes all around the world.
All other staff
Free Transfers
Retired players
Club Nicknames
Level 10 English leagues
367 Non-leagues transfers/changes in the UK (More to follow)
2 Created youth players around the world
7 Non-league players/staff created in the UK (More to follow)
69 youth players home and world reputation raised


To use the database:

– Download and save the file (DO NOT OPEN THE FILE)

– Place the file in to: My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2018>Editor Data

(The file will more than likely download into your downloads folder so move it from there)

– Load Football Manager 2018 and make sure that when you click new career, it says 1 of 1 editor data file selected

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