Football Manager Kits 17/18

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post, I am proud to share the works of numerous members of the FM Community. Having your club’s kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.


Below is a selection of kits available:

Afghanistan – Premier League SS’2015/16

Albania – Kateforia Superiore SS’2017/18

Argentina – Superliga SS’2017/18 

Argentina – Primera B Nacional SS’2017/18

Armenia – Premier League 2017/18

Andorra – Primera Divisio SS’2017/18

Angola – Girabola SS’2017

Australia – A-League SS’2017/18

Australia – National Premier Leagues Tasmania SS’2016

Australia – NPL Queensland SS’2017

Australia – NPL New South Wales 2 SS’2017

Australia – NPL New South Wales 3 SS’2017

Australia – NPL Northern New South Wales SS’2017

Brazil – Full Leagues SS’2017

El Salvador – Primera Division SS’2017 

England – Eastern Counties League (Level 9) SS’17/18

England – Midland League SS’2017/18

England – All Level 8 Leagues SS’2017/18

Estonia – Premium Liiga (Meistriliiga) 2016

Estonia – II Liiga SS’2017 (4th level) 2017

Estonia – Lower Leagues (5th & 6th level) SS’2017/18

Estonian Lower League SS’2016

Faroe Islands – Effodeildin SS’2017

Finland – Veikkausliiga SS’2016

France – Ligue 1 2017/18

France – Ligue 2 SS’2017/18

France – CFA National SS’2016/17

Finland – Veikkausliiga SS’2014/15

Georgia – Umaglesi Liga SS’2015/16

Germany – Bundesliga SS’17/18

Germany – 2.Bundlesliga SS’2017/18

Germany – 3 Liga SS’2017/18

Germany – RL Sudwest SS’2017/18

Germany – RL Nord SS’2017/18

Germany – RL Bayern SS’2017/18

Germany – RL West SS’2017/18

Germany – RL Nordost SS’2017/18

Greece – SuperLeague SS’2015/16

Greece – Third Division SS’2015/16

Greece – Greek Football League SS’2017/18

Greece – National C Division SS’2017/18 

Ghana – Premier League SS’2017

Gibraltar – Premier Division SS’2015/16

Italy – Lega Pro Girone B SS’2015/16

North Korea – minipack SS’2015

Northern Ireland – Danske Bank Premiership SS’2017/18

Northern Ireland – NIFL SS’2015/16

Norway – Full Leagues SS’2017

Panama – LPF SS’2017 New! 

Paraguay – Primera Division SS’2017

Peru – Torneo Descentralizado SS’2017

Poland – Ekstraklasa SS’2017/18

Poland – 1 Liga SS’2016/17

Poland – 2 Liga SS’2017/18

Poland – 3.Liga Group 1-4 SS’2016/17

Poland – 4. Liga Gr. Lodzka & Opolska SS’2016/17

Portugal – Liga NOS SS’2017/18

Portugal – Liga Ledman Pro 2016/17

Qatar – Stars League 2016/17

Republica Dominicana – Liga Mayor SS’2016

Rep of Ireland – League of Ireland Premier Division SS’2017

Rep of Ireland – League of Ireland First Division SS’2017

Romania – Liga 1, Liga 2 & Liga 3 SS’2017/18

Russia – Premier League SS’2017/18

Russia – Football National League 2015/16

Russia – Second Division SS’2016/17

Russia – Pro Football League SS’2017/18

San Marino – Campionato Sammarinese SS’2017/18

Saudi Abiana – Abdullatif Jameel

Saudi Pro League SS’2014/15

Scotland – Premiership SS’2016/17

Scotland – Scottish Championship SS’2015/16

Scotland – League One SS’2015/16 

Scotland – League Two SS’2015/16

Scottish Lowland League SS’2014/15

Scottish Highland League SS14/15

Serbia – All leagues Megapack SS’2017/18

Serbia – Jelen SuperLiga 2015/16

Serbia – SuperLiga SS’2014/15

Serbia – Zone League Belgrade SS’2014/15

Serbian None Leagues SS’2014/15

Sierra Leona – Premier League SS’2016/17

Slovakia – Fortuna Liga SS’2017/18

UAE – Arabian Gulf League 2016/17

Ukraine – Premier Legaue SS’2017/18

Ukraine – First League SS’2017/18

Ukraine – Second League SS’2017/18

Uruguay – Primera Division SS’15/16

Uruguay – Segunda SS’2014/15

USA – MLS SS’2018

USA – Full Leagues (No MLS) + Lowers SS’2015

USA – NASL SS’2017/18

Uzbekistan – Professional Football League Oliy Liga SS’2016

Vanuatu – Telecom Limited League SS’2016/17

Venezuela – Torneo Apertura SS’2017 

Wales – JD Premier League SS’2017/18

International Kits

Africa Nations SS’2017/18

Asia Nations SS’2017/18

Europe Nations SS’2017/18

Oceania Nations SS’2017/18

North America & Caribbean Nations SS’2017/18

South America Nations SS’2017/18

SS Kit Color Changes

SS Kits Colours Changes for 15/16 Kits on FM16 [v3.3 – 29/07/16]

SS Kits Colours Changes for 16/17 Kits on FM16 [v2.0 – 28/08/16]


1. Make sure FM is closed.2 Download SS Kits using links provided

3. Extract the downloaded to:

Documents >> Sport Interactive >> Football Manager 2015 >> graphics >>kits  (If there is no graphics folder there, create “graphics”

2. Open FM and load your most recent save

3. Select ‘FM’ then ‘Preferences’, in the drop down menu click ‘Interface’ and ‘Clear Cache’

(you may also have to clear cache externally: Use FM Central’s Cache Folder Guide)

4, Make sure you have ‘Reload skin when confirming changes’ ticked and then click ‘Reload Skin’

All credit for the work on this post goes to FM View, hammer9, and Sortitoutsi

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