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Who doesn’t love a good rant? When you’ve got something to get off your chest, there is no better way to get it off your chest than a written rant. In this section of the website, passionate Arsenal fan, Just Deacon will rant about his beloved Arsenal. Take a seat, take a breath and enjoy the rants of Just Deacon.

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Henry – Jacky – Auba – Gluten For Punishment


The cliche comments, I don’t want to go over them. Everything that has been said, or needed to be said has been. Wenger is where he is, who he is and that’s that. However, talk of replacement is scattered as the options are limited and few and far between. Talk of Allegri, Ancelotti and even going as far as Rogers. My mind is blown at the mention of this. Following Arsenal for the 31 years I have been on this earth, roughly 70% of my time has been taken up by one man. Arsene. The amount of respect and love I have for this man is not in question here. But this plays in perfectly with the change that is clearly now needed. Thierry Henry, its just makes sense.

A few names come to mind that players going from playing and pretty much inexperience managing the club they love. Guardiola – Barcelona – Gattuso – AC Milan. They changed things around. The entire Coaching and Backroom staff situation is changing at Arsenal.

ad_185551436Thierry coming in as Head Coach, not Manager, is something I could see not only working but working well and creating a new future with a dynasty to boot! The respect from the players, staff, board and most of all fans will already be there and that is one of the biggest hurdles. Next? The Premier League Trophy.


Spanish technique, but an English heart. It was 2011, Wilshere dominated against the Mighty Barcelona for The Arsenal. It was a night that we thought we had found something. Helping the ache after the Fabregas departure. But what a slope he has hit.


He was only 9 years old when he first put the Arsenal shirt on. Became Under 16 Captain at 15, played for Arsenal reserves at 16 and later that year made the first team for the 08-09 season. After a series of impact injuries due to his playstyle, releasing the ball to late and open space to his teammates around him, drawing in the fouls and tackles that he could ride, but only for a while.
The 2011/12 season begins, surgery on his now famous ankle, where people remember him for Wheelchair and not Wilshere the player who dominated Xavi and Iniesta that night at the Emirates.


This season we have been shown glimpses of his past, the good side of it that is. Arsenal dithering on whether to give him a contract and when they have a pay cut, with pay to play intensives. As much as I understand Arsenal’s reasoning behind this, I think Jack is good for one last hurrah.

Everton has been sniffing around, Theo being there would make the move happen. Knowing Arsenal’s luck will find his final form (Yes that was a DBZ reference) Losing someone that bleeds Arsenal, plays with the passion any fan of any team loves, would be a huge blow. We have loosely let go of players before, let’s not make the same mistake with Jack…

Most players regret leaving The Arsenal in the end, ask Hleb.


A guy I thought I would never see signed at the Arsenal while he was around. A world class Striker who knows how to score. Sounds odd to say those words? Kevin Davies was a striker… That’s all I will say.

Started his Career in Milan 2007, then made a series of loans back in his home county of France at Dijon, Lille, Monaco then making a permanent move to St Etienne in 2011. This is where he started to get noticed. 41 goals in 97 appearances in all comps. Dortmund were the ones he made the risky call of bringing him to the German League in 2013.

Scored with his first shot on goal against FC Augsburg then went on to score his hat-trick in his debut for the recent Champions League Finalists. Going to score 141 in 213 for Dortmund. This got Arsenal’s attention.

2009 chose to play for his fathers country Gabon and not his native of France, even though he played for them in Youth Level. Scoring 23 in 56 for his Country and getting them as far as 5th place at African Cup of Nations in 2012.

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Arsenal made the massive choice of bringing him in for £58M on Winter Transfer Deadline Day 2018. Already has shown he has what it takes to make himself a legend at the Gunners. Scoring 6 and assisting 1 in 7 Premier League Games.
He has already won the hearts of the Arsenal faithful by giving up the chance to score his first hat-trick by giving the 2nd penalty at Lacazette who has just come back from injury against Stoke. Lacazette was not having the best of times before, as later found out was playing for a few months with a knee injury.

“I had scored twice already so I knew it would be good for his confidence,” Aubameyang explained to the media on giving Lacazette the penalty. It was this point Arsenal fans knew, we have a special player on their hands… Well, more special than just his goal scoring record.

Gluten For Punishment

Ever since an early age, the Arsenal was all that I lived for. From 2006 Champions League final against Barca, when Lehman got sent off and Campbell put us ahead, then throwing the game away. To the League Cup final against Birmingham in 2011, where a defensive error cost us our first trophy since the FA Cup of 2005. All the way to the amazing 3-2 win over Hull in 2014 for the first trophy since 2005! I lost my mind! Never knew we would then win the competition 3 times in 4 years… Now Arsenal holds the most amount of FA Cups in English History and the FA Cup is the longest standing Trophy in world football.

Growing up in the North of London, you only really had a few options of teams to follow, Spurs, of course, are there and my Uncle Joe used to take me to the games (before I knew the rivalry) – But It never hit home for me, I knew that the silky smooth football of the Arsenal was a calling to strong to pass up. Not to mention pretty much the rest of my family are Arsenal, red being my favourite colour at the time. It made sense.

I get asked this a lot when doing my old Arsenal Podcast, whats your first memory of the Arsenal?

My answer, it was early 90’s, I was a small boy, playing football in the Carpark of Highbury, just kicking a ball around while waiting for my Father to finish his game in the underground secret astro training pitch under Highbury. When all of a sudden, Adams, Seaman and a few others came down the spiral steps in the middle of the entrance outside. My Dad loses his mind and grabs the ball that I was using. Gives it to them all to sign. I didn’t understand what was going on, I then get given the ball back, covered infamous football players names. I had no idea who they were, so put the ball back on the ground and carried on playing football. My Father was not happy.

All of this and all that will be when It comes to the Arsenal, I will always follow them, through thick and thin. Going through the worst 2 years of Arsenal history in the last 20 years. Wenger his time has come, we know this. But I will always be around for Arsenal and you could say I am a gluten for punishment.

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