My Coaching Experience – Weekly Blog

So, it’s been a long journey. I’ve had my arm twisted and threatened to be given a “granddad” by my trusted co-host of the Opposites Attack podcast, Just Deacon. So, as many of you know I have experience in football management, not major experience, but some experience. In this, what will be a daily blog, I will talk about my coaching and managerial experience in football on a weekly basis. A breakdown of how I got into coaching and eventually into management, a coaching/management autobiography if you (9)

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Tots Football

-withfigurewingedwolfI get a lot of questions from parents regarding when they should get their child involved in football. There are numerous issues with this question.

In my opinion, there is not a specific age where a child should get involved in football. What parents should be considering is whether their child wants to play football. Watching them during their generic play can sometimes help answer the question.

Are they constantly kicking anything that looks like a ball? Though the answer to this might be, yes. This still doesn’t give a full answer that your child wants to play football. The best way to find out is by trying, take your child to a session see how they get on.

For the company I work for, I run a session of Tots Football for children aged between 18 months and 5 years. At a normal session, I can get between 10 and 20 children attending the session with a member of their family. Continue reading

Coaching Philosophy – Why it’s important

A coaching philosophy is usually what defines a sports coach. You will see a lot of coaches talking about their philosophy. Louis Van Gaal mentioned it a lot during his short stint as manager of Machester United. But what is a coaching philosophy and why are they so important for sports coaches? In this post, I explore that very question. het-trainen-motivatie-succes-35224873

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New five-year bans for grassroots players who assault a referee

The new laws, to be introduced for the 2017-18 season, will apply to ‘step five’ – four tiers beneath the National League – and leagues below.

Image result for football referee cartoon

Players could also face an 84-day ban and £100 fine for any physical contact with a match official. Verbal threats will incur a minimum 56-day ban, or six matches, and £50 fine.

These sanctions will be a minimum, but a commission can increase the ban based on aggravating factors.

Are these rule changes right? Are they too excessive? I’d love to hear your opinions



Family Inspirations


Recently, I have been having to deal with the loss of a very close family member. My Nan sadly passed away on the 18th June.  Today was the day that her ashes were scattered in the place that she wanted and this has led to reflect on what an inspiration my Nan has been towards me. Whilst it has nearly been a month since her passing, I have been able to reflect on the impact she has had on both my coaching and teaching career.

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Is Coaching an Art or a Science?


Let me begin by posing a question for you to ponder aimed at the core of your coaching philosophy. Is the development of young athletes from the perspective of the coach a sports science or an art form? Do you believe the science, research or training methods are most important? Or do you believe that the art of coaching and working with youth is more important than any science or training methods?

The simple answer to the art vs. science question is that coaching is an ever-changing mixture of both, but after a little digging, some additional and pretty fundamental questions emerge. Precisely, what is the art of coaching and what is the science? Continue reading