How To: Use ProZone to Assess Passing

The Football Manager series for many years has allowed players to learn and develop ways of assessing the effectiveness of the approach used for the teams they choose to manage. In the latest version of the game Football Manager 2016, Prozone, the most efficient performance analysis tool has been incorporated into the game for even deeper analysis of both whole team and individual player performance. In this post, I will aim to show you how to use ProZone to assess your team’s passing as well as individual player passes.

Deleting your Cache, Folder Location

Deleting your Cache

Sometimes Football Manager doesn’t run how you want it to run, problems can occur that stop you from seeing any graphics that you’ve added to the game; when this happen it is best to locate the Cache folder, this folder is only needed for troubleshooting and fixing most problems with football manager.

Also in the folder containing Cache is the Setting folder, deleting this folder resets your managerial profile on Football Manager, this is sometimes required when minor problems occur with Football Manager.

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FM Guide to Verify Integrity Of Cache

FM14 How to Verify Integrity of Cache
Following my post about the Football Manager Cache folder I have another guide that could solve problems when running Football Manager. This guide is for more serious issues and should only be used when suggested by people with serious knowledge of FM, asking one of the Admin’s of page on FB or here is best to confirm you are doing the correct thing.

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