DF11 Facepack Centre


I am proud to bring you DF11 Facepacks and their fantastic Football Manager Graphics. DF11 Facepacks can be found on his Facebook page but also now we are pleased they are here and offering you Megapacks, Facepacks and much more this is a fantastic opportunity. If you like to make your Football Manager look as realistic as possible, look no further. DF11 Facepacks graphics are all available now on FM Central’s website so you need to look no further. Containing stand alone face packs and Megapacks containing over 80,000 faces!



3D Match Engine Kits

This website dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, I bring you the 3D kits that you can use on FM’s 3D match engine. Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite team playing in their person kits, or see some of the amazing kits that teams from all over the world wear during games?



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How To: Use Prozone to Assess Average Positions

The Football Manager series for many years has allowed players to learn and develop ways of assessing the effectiveness of the tactics used for the teams they choose to manage. In the latest version of the game Football Manager 2016, Prozone, the most efficient performance analysis tool has been incorporated into the game for even deeper analysis of both whole team and individual player performance. In this post, FM Central show you how to use the average positions and the heat map options within Prozone to assess your chosen tactic.

How To: Use Prozone to Assess Average Positions

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DNK Backgrounds

The addition of backgrounds gives Football Manager a more aesthetic feel. Seeing your team’s badge in the background whilst you’re playing emphasizes pride for the team you are managing. I am proud to present the DNK Backgrounds made by DazS8 and K Nielsen.

DNK Backgrounds - Stadium backgrounds

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