DNK Backgrounds

The addition of backgrounds gives Football Manager a more aesthetic feel. Seeing your team’s badge in the background whilst you’re playing emphasizes pride for the team you are managing. I am proud to present the DNK Backgrounds made by DazS8 and K Nielsen.

DNK Backgrounds - Stadium backgrounds

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3D Match Engine Kits

This website dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, I bring you the 3D kits that you can use on FM’s 3D match engine. Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite team playing in their person kits, or see some of the amazing kits that teams from all over the world wear during games?

3D Match Engine Kits


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Football Manager Kits 17/18

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post, I am proud to share the works of numerous members of the FM Community. Having your club’s kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.

Football Manager SS Kits

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Deleting your Cache, Folder Location

Deleting your Cache

Sometimes Football Manager doesn’t run how you want it to run, problems can occur that stop you from seeing any graphics that you’ve added to the game; when this happen it is best to locate the Cache folder, this folder is only needed for troubleshooting and fixing most problems with football manager.

Also in the folder containing Cache is the Setting folder, deleting this folder resets your managerial profile on Football Manager, this is sometimes required when minor problems occur with Football Manager.

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FM2017 Real Names Fix

Ever wanted to have proper players playing for Germany and Japan on your football manager save, have the correct names for leagues and competitions, rewards and others? Lucky there is way to solve this enabling you to have the real names on the game. Susie’s Football Manager 2017 is intended for use with 17.1 patch of FM17. When FM17 is updated via Steam you will need to re-download the file to ensure full compatibility as some files may be removed when update patches come out.

FM14 Real Names Fix

Susie’s Football Manager 2017 Real Names fixes the matter of incorrect names in Football Manager 17 and changes, real life names for awards, cities, stadiums and competitions. Susie’s Football Manager 2017 Real Names also fixes German National team in that they are able to called up real players to the squad, something that doesn’t occur before using Susie’s Football Manager 2017 Real Names. These files are fully save-game compatible.

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