Football Manager 2018 – It’s Coming!

Football Manager 2017 was realised with a lot of apprehension. Many big members of the Football Manager community, for weeks, wondered what new features Football Manager 2017 would have. It took a very long time for the game to actually be announced.

We’re now in August 2017 and Football Manager 2018 has been announced. The game comes out November 2017.
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New five-year bans for grassroots players who assault a referee

The new laws, to be introduced for the 2017-18 season, will apply to ‘step five’ – four tiers beneath the National League – and leagues below.

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Players could also face an 84-day ban and £100 fine for any physical contact with a match official. Verbal threats will incur a minimum 56-day ban, or six matches, and £50 fine.

These sanctions will be a minimum, but a commission can increase the ban based on aggravating factors.

Are these rule changes right? Are they too excessive? I’d love to hear your opinions



DF11 Facepack Centre


I am proud to bring you DF11 Facepacks and their fantastic Football Manager Graphics. DF11 Facepacks can be found on his Facebook page but also now we are pleased they are here and offering you Megapacks, Facepacks and much more this is a fantastic opportunity. If you like to make your Football Manager look as realistic as possible, look no further. DF11 Facepacks graphics are all available now on FM Central’s website so you need to look no further. Containing stand alone face packs and Megapacks containing over 80,000 faces!Football Manager 2017 Facepacks - DF11 Faces 2016-2017

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