Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Don’t you just hate clicking on a certain player’s name that you think you recognise, you think you’ll know the player more if you see the face. You click on the player’s name and what do you know, no face. Outrageous!

The FM Teacher is now proud to share the amazing work of sortitoutsi, with their extensive Cut Out Player Faces Megapack which have a rather amazing collection of player faces.


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FM18 Megapack Leagues by claassen

Football Manager 2018 (FM18) League Megapack, giving you the ability to download additional leagues from around the world: Andorra, San Marino, Qatar, and much more. Check out these databases and manage in numerous nations that aren’t known for their football.

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Football Manager Trophies Megapack

Football Manager Trophies Megapack

Football Manager 2018 offers the ability to add the real trophies for all nations. An amazing new feature, but a feature that is pointless without someone who can find and cut the trophies to be used in the game. I am proud to offer you the Football Manager Trophies Megapack created by the Football Manager graphical wizard himself, DazS8. Now owned by


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3D Match Engine Kits

This website dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, I bring you the 3D kits that you can use on FM’s 3D match engine. Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite team playing in their person kits, or see some of the amazing kits that teams from all over the world wear during games?



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DNK Backgrounds

The addition of backgrounds gives Football Manager a more aesthetic feel. Seeing your team’s badge in the background whilst you’re playing emphasizes pride for the team you are managing. I am proud to present the DNK Backgrounds made by DazS8 and K Nielsen.

DNK Backgrounds - Stadium backgrounds

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